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Paul “Patchy” Wright


Paul “Patchy” Wright started music professionally at the age of 14 at King Jammy’s Studio with the legendary Lloyd James AKA King Jammys. From 1986 – 1987 he was exclusively at King Jammy’s Studio and then at the age of 17 he started working with Donovan Germaine at Penthouse Studio.

For the next couple of years he was between King Jammys Studio and Penthouse before moving on to Shocking Vibes in 1997. He stayed with Shocking Vibes for 13 years . Patchy started working with Taxi (Sly and Robbie) in 2005 and in 2010 he started his own company – IslandYard Productions.

Paul “Patchy” Wright is proficient in songwriting, music production, audio engineering, pro tools, nuendo and wavelab


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